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Married in our Hearts | Wedding Planners | Civil Ceremony | Make a Bow before tying the Knot

"Make a Bow before tying the Knot"

in March 2012, News

All marriages start off with two people who are in love and totally committed to each other for life.  So why is the Divorce Rate 50%?  Why do so many think the grass is greener on the other side?  Why do we quit so easily?

The old saying is true that “People Change”, and a loving couple should change/grow together like a beautiful mosaic unfolding.  Be patient, be strong, and remember your first love to stay the course.

(a) If you’re getting married, then CONGRATULATIONS and we know you’ll enjoy a lifelong journey together as you grow and evolve as a couple.  (b) If you’re already married, then CONGRATULATIONS and we invite you to use our SPONSOR LINKS to help you DEVELOP a more beautiful relationship going forward.  (c) If you’re in a loving relationship, then please SIGN UP for your free COUPLES CERTIFICATE WEBSITE by making a simple yet powerful PROMISE.  (d) If you’re ready to take the next step, then you might consider getting MARRIED IN OUR HEARTS until you absolutely KNOW that nothing will ever cause you to breakup.  We support Holy Matrimony and the institution of Marriage 100%.  We’re here to help support and develop all relationships.

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