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"Make a Bow before tying the Knot"

Couples Certificate website (free)


We offer a free Couples Certificate website that will be emailed to you within a few minutes (it will have the website address that contains your special Couples Certificate).  Your unique certificate will contain both of your Names, the Date you met, and the Married in our Hearts ™ official seal. 

We simply ask that each couple have a conversation and agree to 3 important things:

      1. As a couple we agree to always love each other
      2. We agree to always respect each other
      3. Together we agree to not get pregnant


Create a Username which is your First and Last Name including any spaces.

Then enter your valid Email Address and a unique Password.

After registration you’ll be prompted to enter Username and Password to sign in.  Then you’ll be directed to your Profile Page to fill in your information to be used for your certificate website.  Then the URL for your unique Couples Certification website will be emailed to you within a few minutes.

In the example below, it’s very important to fill in your First Name and Last Name and other required fields in the profile.

Example Profile:

Prifile Sample

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