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Married in our Hearts | Wedding Planners | Civil Ceremony | Make a Bow before tying the Knot

"Make a Bow before tying the Knot"

Does Married in our Hearts ™ replace legal marriage?   No we are not a substitute for marriage.  Our program is intended to reinforce relationships so they’ll be more successful and stay the course leading up to marriage.  Marriage is sacred and it will always be the most wonderful, fulfilling commitment.   

We also know that many couples are unwilling or unable to get married.  For example, a new study by the Pew Research Center found that only 51% of all adults in the U.S. are married today compared to 72% in 1960.  This is an all-time low and the trend is likely to continue.  For these couples, a wonderful Promise Ceremony can be conducted to bless couples with increased honor in their journey towards a potential marriage which will ultimately decrease divorce.

Is it true that the elderly get reduced Social Security money if they get married?  Yes the government reduces benefits to elderly couples who get married which discourages marriages unfortunately.

Does Married in our Hearts ™ promote premarital sex?  No we’re actually trying to do the opposite.  If a couple is determined to wait until they’re married, then our service won’t sway their values.  However, the reality is that premarital sex is prevalent and 75% of Americans have had sex by the age of 20 according to a recent WebMD report.  Our goal is to add more structure, values and respect to relationships.  Each couple starts with a promise to respect one another in order to be added to our Couples Registry.  Eventually when the couple is ready to get Married in our Hearts ™ we recommend a Promise of Purity for them, and we proudly support that organization.  If that isn’t the choice, then they might agree to wait until marriage to have intercourse, but not other types of sex.  Every couple is unique with their commitments, but something is better than nothing.

Will some people misuse Married in our Hearts ™ as an excuse to have premarital sex?  All of our services, literature and staff are careful to point out that we strictly prohibit the use of our service as an excuse for sex or a substitute for legal marriage.  We are very careful to point out the consequences of premarital sex which can lead to STD’s, pregnancy before marriage, and even death in certain cases.  Having sex with someone who’s had sex with many is very dangerous.

In addition, we’re careful to point out the consequences of common law marriages in certain states which can lead to a quasi-legal marriage if the couple is cohabitating and claiming certain things.

Along the same lines some people misuse free condoms as an excuse to have premarital sex, but the good far outweighs the bad.  Something is better than nothing.  We need to meet people where they’re at.

Can I cancel my service at any time?  Yes you can cancel your free Certificate, email list or other involvement at any time.  

How can Married in our Hearts ™ reduce abortion?  In 2008, approximately 1.21 million pregnancies were ended in the U.S. alone, and the rate continues at over 1 million annually.  What if we could reduce this by just 1%? 

We have 4 creative ideas to reduce terminated pregnancies: 

  1. Based on research and statistics, numerous pregnancies are ended because the couples aren’t married.  There’s a negative perception about having a child out of wedlock (right, wrong or indifferent).  Also many parents refuse to allow their pregnant daughter to get married because she isn’t ready and/or they fear divorce.  Based on our research, we know that some expecting couples will choose Married in our Hearts as a legitimate way to gain some dignity, keep the baby, and raise the child in a committed family environment.
  2. Secondly, our basic promise for all couples to be on our Couple’s Registry includes an agreement for each person to respect each other and to not get pregnant before marriage — An ounce of prevention.  Even the most simple agreement has “the power of an agreement” that can change behavior.
  3. Thirdly, when a couple elects to have a formal Promise Ceremony, we’re hopeful that many will want to choose a Promise of Purity or an agreement to abstain from intercourse if nothing else.  Each couple is free to choose their own promises, but we’re hopeful that our service will inspire change.
  4. Lastly, there are many women (and men) who are tired of sexual exploitation and superficial relationships and they’ll choose Married in our Hearts ™ to gain a stronger commitment level with their future partner before having sexual relations.  Our service can empower you with a new level to attain for a Commitment Threshold before taking more serious steps in your relationship.

Can either one of us remove our name from the Couples Registry?  Yes to be fair either partner can remove you from the Couples Registry with an email request that gets verified.

Is my privacy protected?   Yes your profile information is totally private, and your free Couples Certificate Website is kept private and you have the choice to share it or not.    

Will my email address be shared with anyone?  No we keep all profile information completely private (and we don’t make you uncheck a box in order to protect your email address). 

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