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Married in our Hearts | Wedding Planners | Civil Ceremony | Make a Bow before tying the Knot

"Make a Bow before tying the Knot"


Thank you for visiting our humble website, and we want to invite you to be a part of our family.

Married in our Hearts ™ is an exciting new service for loving couples who want to take the next step, celebrate a greater commitment together, and be more formally recognized for their love.  We offer a BRAND NEW approach to relationships that adds honor and values leading up to Marriage.  Our Wedding Planners and Ceremony Planners are certified professionals ready to make your dreams a reality.

Every relationship is a wonderful journey – Savor the experience

WHO is using Married in our Hearts ™?

  • Couples who want to showcase their status
  • Couples who are serious, but it’s too soon for the ‘M’ word
  • Couples wanting a wonderful Promise or Engagement Ceremony
  • Elderly couples who are in love, but refuse to get married
  • Women who want an initial commitment before getting too serious
  • Young couples who are suddenly expecting a child, but are too young or unable to get married
  • Married couples who are renewing their vows
  • Couples who want to get legally Married 

WHY use Married in our Hearts ™?

  • To celebrate as a couple
  • To improve your relationship with more honor and values
  • To take the next step in your relationship which may be leading up to marriage
  • To reduce the likelihood of divorce later
  • 50% is the divorce rate for 1st marriages, and it’s 67% for 2nd marriages
  • 72 days was how long Kim Kardashian was married in 2011
  • 1 year after divorce, 39% of children of divorced families never see their fathers again
  • 1.2 million abortions occur in the USA annually and some are directly related to the fact that the couple is too young to marry or unable to marry
  • 60% of children of divorced families feel that they were partly responsible
  • 75% of kids have had premarital sex by the age of 20 according to WebMD
  • 51% of adult Americans are married today compared to 72% in 1960 according to a new study by the Pew Research Center and the trend is likely to continue
  • The US Social Security Administration (SSA) slashes benefits for elderly couples who are in love and get married

HOW does it work?

  • 1st Phase   –   Get recognized and have fun with your Free COUPLES CERTIFICATE website

          We humbly request that each couple sit down and honestly agree to always Love & Respect each other and to not get pregnant until marriage.

  • 2nd Phase   –   Get Married in our Hearts ™ with a PROMISE CEREMONY

          We recommend several unique promises for couples to use that will increase honor and values.

  • 3rd Phase   –   Take the time to BUILD a better friendship & a deeper relationship

          Savor the experience and make sure you have a lifetime commitment.

  • 4th Phase   –   Eventually get married when you are READY

          Marriage is forever, so why not prepare a little longer?


Married in our Hearts ™ is making a difference

“Make a Bow before tying the Knot ™”


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